Formulation Services

Our dedicated and committed formulation scientists have enabled us to offer the highest level of novel approaches in a timeliness for the specialized drug product development services from concept through commercialization. SPH Phililab delighted to offers high technology end driven drug products that delivers the Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients to meet needs of the modern era of health industry.

  • We provide the following formulation services on the following dosage forms:
    • Inhaler Aerosol (MDI)
    • Tablets: single layer and bilayer,
    • Capsule: Fill-in-cap, multiarticular controlled release pellets, and more
    • Powder/Sachet/Dry suspension
    • Oral liquid (syrup and suspension)
    • Cream/ointment
    • Injections
  • We have tracking records in successful development, FDA registration, and patent challenge ANDA products.
  • We provide product development services with extensive knowledge and first-hand experiences related to P4 ANDA strategies and timeline sensitive development plan.

Formulation Development services for preclinical, clinical.

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