Generic Drug Products for the US and China markets!

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We are pharmaceutical professionals who have dreams to make high quality niche drugs for public health that are difficult to formulate.  With extensive experience in the pharmaceutical industry and sciences, we have lead Phililab to rapid growth in the past four years.  In 2017, Phililab successfully helped their sponsor file its first ANDA product to FDA with patent challenge (P4 certificate). 

Phililab has a strong team who fully understand pharmaceutical development and FDA registration. Looking towards the near future, we plan to build its capability in manufacturing and commercialization. Our focus is to bring the highest quality generic drug products to both the US and China markets.  We have a strong pipeline of products in areas including controlled release oral solids, suspension, ionic exchange resins, inhalers, and injections.


As the SPH Philadelphia Development Center of High-end Generic Pharmaceutical Products, Phililab is now one of the highest prospective companies. Not only do we have the best scientists and teams, but also direct support from pharmaceutical manufacturers.

Phililab’s mission is to become an important player in pharmaceuticals and bring quality affordable pharmaceutical products to people in the US and China