Our Products and Technologies


  • Multiparticular Controlled Release System (MPCRS) For Oral Solids

    MPCRS is a widely used and successful technology used on many marketed product since 1990s. However, it is still the most challenge technology in commercial manufacturing. Phililab’s expert has been working on this technique for more than 20 years with a successful track record in bringing the most difficult MPCRS product to the market. Our pipeline includes some of the most difficult MPCRS products.
  • Difficult And Niche Pharmaceutical Products

    Phililab has the expertise to work on the most challenging drug formulation issues, including osmotic pump-controlled release drugs, suspensions for oral administration, and aerosol (inhaler) technologies.

The Superiority of this technology includes

  • Ionic Exchange Risen Based Controlled Release System (IERCRS) For Oral Sustained-release suspension

    IERCRS utilizes resin as the adsorbent to tightly bind the drug to its surface. Then, a complicated coating is applied on the resin and drug complex. A fine powder of coated resin drug complex is then suspended in syrup for long shelf-time storage without change or drug release. After patient administration, the low pH (hydrogen ion) in the stomach will trigger drug release by ion exchange. The coating will control the drug release at our designed rate.
  • Easily swallowed, especially for children, elderly people, and patients who have difficulty swallowing.
  • Large GI distribution area, fast absorption, stable blood concentration, long duration of action, high bioavailability.
  • Gastric emptying rate has low impact on behavior of drug delivery system, with small individual difference and good reproducibility.